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VOOPOO PNP TW15 | 0.15ohm


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VOOPOO PNP TW15 | 0.15ohm

VOOPOO PNP TW15 | 0.15ohm

Pack of 5 genuine replacement Voopoo PnP-TW15 DL direct-to-lung coils 0.15Ω Ohm.

Take care when ordering because these coils can be very confusing. You need the correct coil for the pod or tank you’re using. If in any doubt, read what it says on the coil you already have to ensure you have the correct item.

We stock lots of Voopoo coils. There’s the ‘TW’ PNP coils listed below, plus the earlier Voopoo PNP coils, the ITO coils, and the Voopoo TPP DM coils which are all listed separately on our website.

The following coils are applicable to the Voopoo devices/tanks/pods below (the list will probably date as new products are released by Voopoo):

  • Voopoo Argus Pro Kit (PNP Pod)
  • Voopoo Drag E60 Kit (PNP II Pod)
  • Voopoo Drag H40 Kit (PNP II Pod)
  • Voopoo Drag H80S Kit (PNP II Pod)
  • Voopoo Vinci 3 Pod Kit (Vinci 3 Pod/Cartridge)

Wattage range 55-70W.

The box comes with a scratch sticker so you can check the authenticity of this product.

Coils in the Voopoo PnP-TW series (also several earlier PnP coils listed separately on our site):

  • PnP-TW15 – 0.15Ω (55-70W) DL (direct-to-lung)
  • PnP-TW20 – 0.2Ω (40-55W) DL (direct-to-lung)
  • PnP-TW30 – 0.3Ω (28-36W) RDL (restricted direct-to-lung)

Safety Notice

Sub-Ohm tanks and coils must be used by experienced and knowledgeable users as additional safety precautions must be practiced when using these items. These products need to work on a mod/battery capable of firing at sub-Ohm resistances. So, for example, if you have a 0.5 Ohm coil in your tank, your mod/battery must be capable of firing at 0.5 Ohm resistance, or lower. You also need to ensure your device can cope with the amps. Improper use can lead to physical injury and damaged equipment.

VOOPOO PNP TW15 | 0.15ohm


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Since established, VOOPOO has believed in the strength of technology, which can bring pleasure and healthy lifestyles to human beings. Hence, VOOPOO sticks to pursue breakout and innovation of technology, so as to contribute to promotion of life quality of human society. VOOPOO has a profound knowledge of the expectation from most users. We always create high quality products with outstanding technology, fashionable appearance and professional service so as to meet the needs of users with the best product experience.
VOOPOO PNP TW15 | 0.15ohm


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