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Best Vape Mods/Kits/Pod Devices 2024

Vaporesso Gen 200 Mod

Gen 200 Mod | Vaporesso – VapeOWave Vape Store | Centurion & Boksburg and Online Vape Shop

High praise has been given to the whole Gen series of Vaporesso mods for both their vaping capabilities and their outside styling. The brand-new Gen 200 is no different. The same quadruple-layered exterior is used in the external design, which gives the mod its airy and textured appearance.

The two 18650 batteries can be inserted into the device’s detachable backplate which I consider very smart, because of so much devices that come with the bottom battery door that gives in over time. It is held in position by magnets. The mod is particularly cozy to grasp thanks to its various surfaces and dimpling on the rear. Additionally, it seems ergonomic thanks to its slightly rounded corners. The device is available in a variety of color schemes, some with solid colors (such as black, silver, or gray) and others with gradients.

The Gen 200’s control panel features a sizable 0.96″ TFT screen (all-color). Additionally, it includes four buttons for control, one of which is the side-mounted firing button. Three adjustment buttons are also located along the bottom of the screen. The middle one is the selector switch, and the first two are up/down buttons.

Under the screen, there is a USB-C charging port as well. The 510-ring is positioned in the middle on the device’s top. As a result, the mod has a wonderful look because any tank attached to it sits directly in the middle. The branding and other design features are kept to a minimal, like with many other Vaporesso mods, to maintain the mod’s svelte and fashionable appearance.

The new Vaporesso Gen 200 Mod has 3 screws that holds the 510-ring on the top in place, because in my personal experience and with other people that used and still uses the Gen devices, we experienced that the 510-ring came loose and dislodged after a couple of months so I’m glad to see they’ve made a change regarding the 510-ring because I’m sure a lot of people were experiencing the same problem.

With that being said, let’s see if it is up to standard this time around..nothing against Vaporesso, their devices are really top notch but with the 510-ring I personally went through 2 devices and both broke the same way, as it was the 510-ring that dislodged, and trying to fix it..was not much help, the whole assembling of the old Gen devices was not top notch. If something brakes, and obviously devices being so expensive, so trying to fix it should not give more problems then beginning with, but it definitely was something else, the 510-ring inside to re-assemble is an absolute nightmare, I really do hope they changed the mechanical parts of the device inside that it lasts longer and that the 510-ring doesn’t dislodge again..

Rating of 8.5

Voopoo Drag 4 Mod 

Best Vape Mods/Kits/Pod Devices 2024

The Drag 4 Mod is powered by dual external 18650 batteries with 177W max. With the ECO Mode and 5V/3A Type-C fast charging, it features less charging time and more vaping enjoyment. By utilizing the new TC Mode, it can match the 4 heating materials like Ni200, Ti, SS316, SS430 more effectively and meets the specific need for DIY users. The multi-function switch makes it easy to define QS lock’s function like lock wattage, lock device, and power off. The new UI design allows you to define your style with 4 optional colors. In addition, it also features replaceable and durable magnetic battery cover.

The Drag 4 Voopoo Vape Device is a distinctive and innovative vaping system that merges a bespoke design utilising natural resin and solid wood materials with cutting-edge features such as the leakproof UFORCE-L Tank and PnP Dual In One coil. This 4th generation device produces dense vapour, rich flavours, and offers a cost-effective vaping experience, making it a remarkable choice for both seasoned vapers and novices alike.

Rating of 9.4

Voopoo Drag 4 | Mod Only | 177W

Voopoo Drag 3 TPP-X Kit

VOOPOO DRAG 3 with TPP-X Tank Kit – The Vape Studio


Despite the fact that the DRAG Max was distinct from the other DRAG mods, it was unquestionably an improved, smoother rendition of the classic style.

The VooPoo DRAG X Plus and the DRAG Max both used the most recent GENE.FAN 2.0 Chip, which is also found in the DRAG 3.

It is a dual 18650 mod that has the “High Burst Super Mode” with a maximum power output of 177W.

You can use any tank with it because it has a 510 connector, although it does come with the TPP Pod Tank.

The TPP pod tank consists of a 510 adapter and a TPP pod; however, the TPP pod does not accommodate PNP coils, although the adaptor does.

DRAG 3 Plus Features

  • Removable Mouth Piece
  • VooPoo Pod Tank 510 Adapter Included
  • Smart Mode
  • RBA Mode
  • High Burst Super Mode
  • Dual User Interface
  • 0.96″ TFT Colour Screen
  • GENE.FAN 2.0 Chip
  • Adjustable Airflow (On 510 Adapter)

VooPoo Drag 3 battery section

The battery door on the DRAG 3 is a sliding bottom door which has become quite common, especially on VooPoo Mods over the last year.

Although I like this style of battery door because it is easy to use and isn’t a major style implication, I do have durability concerns with it.

Since there is just one spring-loaded battery connection pressing against it on single battery mods, it usually isn’t a big issue. On a dual battery mod, though, that resistance is now doubled.

Since the battery door is longer than it is wide, it is unlikely that it would flex and result in a loose connection, which becomes an issue if the battery door bends too easily.

The tiny latches that the door utilizes to stay closed are the other issue, though.

Even the toughest latches ultimately wear down, which means the battery door won’t close as tightly as it once did, eventually rendering the gadget useless.

Smart Mode vs RBA mode Vs Super Boost Mode

The RBA and Smart power modes on the DRAG 3 both function as intended.

The Smart mode limits the wattage in order to avoid you from burning the coil too much and damaging it by recommending a wattage based on the resistance of the coil.

If you use a different tank, the RBA pod, or perhaps you simply prefer to have absolute control over the power, the RBA mode enables you to do so. It does this by removing those intelligent features.

Only when the coil resistance is between 0.1ohms and 0.3ohms is Super Boost Mode accessible.

The mod also has to be set to above 80w. This mode is supposed to bring “super fast firing” and “huge vapor”.


  • Looks and feels good
  • Dual 18650 batteries
  • 177W output
  • Capable of great flavor
  • 510 connection
  • The 510 adapter is compatible with the PNP Pods
  • Seems sturdy and durable


  • Flavor production isn’t always consistent
  • Potentially not life long battery door latches
  • Potentially weak Connection Plate

Rating of 8.6

Uwell Caliburn X Pod Device

Uwell Caliburn X Vape Kit | Ecigwizard

What Is New For The Uwell Caliburn X?

If I am not mistaken this is the first in the range to feature a screen. It is an OLED screen but sadly the size is not mentioned.

The screen is required as this now has Variable Wattage from 5-20W and the fire button has multiple uses including output adjustment.

caliburn x components

You can use the fire button for firing but this also has auto draw too.

Inside the main device is a 850mAh battery which is charged via the USB Type C port at a fast 2A charge rate. The battery capacity is also bigger seeing the previous Caliburn devices had only 520-690mAh internal battery capacity.

caliburn x charging

Another great feature is the airflow adjustment slider to tailor the draw to your preference.

caliburn x airflow

The pods are refillable with up to 3ml of your own e-liquid via the top fill port and that is more liquid capacity than the older Caliburn versions. You can change the coil and this is compatible with the Caliburn G and G2 coil ranges. You get the 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm Meshed H coils included.

caliburn x coils

Uwell Caliburn X Specs:

  • Size: 107.4×27.5×15.6mm
  • Output: 5-20W VW
  • Battery: 850mAh (internal)
  • Display: OLED Screen
  • Resistance range: Not specified
  • USB Type C port – 2A fast charge rate
  • Pods: Refillable, replaceable coils
  • Compatible with Caliburn G coil range
  • Capacity: 3ml
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Draw or button activation


  • Battery Capacity is bigger with a 850mAh battery
  • Juice capacity is more, 3ml now from a 2ml juice capacity
  • It charges faster with a 2A fast charge rate
  • It comes with a screen, so now you can adjust to your preferred wattage
  • Compatible with G-series coils
  • Convenient Adjustable Airflow
  • Wide Juice window, so you can easily see the level of your juice


  • N/A

Rating of 9.5

Voopoo Drag E60 Device


Two brand-new PNP coils with “Dual in One Tech” for Direct To Lung (DTL) vaping are included in the kit.

The GENE.TT 2.0 chipset, which is at the center of the apparatus, features an improved user interface that minimizes button presses and streamlines operations.

The ideal wattage parameters are set for the installed coil in “Smart” mode. The user can fiddle with the wattage settings between 5 and 60W in “RBA” mode.

“Eco” option will aid in lessening battery consumption and increase puffs by roughly 10%. When the battery charge drops to 40%, the user is automatically prompted to adopt Eco mode.

Via quick 2 amp type C USB, the inbuilt 2250mAh battery can be fully charged.

Expect six built-in safety features, such as atomizer short circuit protection, low battery protection, and overtime protection.

The Voopoo DRAG E60 is light for its size, as you might expect. Not bad considering that an embedded 2550mAh battery is concealed inside. When held, it is easy to grasp, and the leather really aids by offering some palm padding.

The big circular fire button is incredibly snappy and clicky. Its housing is not moving, which is nice. The TFT color screen is located underneath and is approximately 20 by 10mm in size. It is easy to read and very clear.

Front panel of the Voopoo Drag E60 Mod

A sturdy menu rocker and a recessed type C USB charging port will be found below the screen. The DRAG E60 will make upright charging a hassle-free pleasure.

At first glance it’s very tempting to unscrew the top cap using the micro knurling around the edge. Instead you have to grab the 810 mouthpiece to release it via a simple quarter turn.


Independent viewing windows on the Voopoo Drag E60 Mod

One final note. Voopoo have included two independent viewing windows in the top of the battery section. This means the entire contents of the pod can be viewed without the need for constantly removing it.

Performance of the battery with ECO Mode

With a recently charged battery, it was operated in Eco mode, and the puff counter recorded 252 total puffs. That didn’t seem to be a significant rise.

When using the TW20 0.2ohm coil, eco mode had no effect at all. The same amount of e-liquid was vaped and the same number of puffs were taken as when utilizing Smart mode.

The battery needed 90 minutes to fully recharge from empty, which is far from rapid type C charging. Additionally, the touchable integrated battery would be heated.


  • Excellent flavor and cloud production from the new PNP TW mesh coils
  • Fast ramp up time with both coils
  • Smart mode prevents the coils from burning out, prolonging their lifespan
  • The screen is clear and bright even in direct sunlight
  • Easy to navigate menus
  • Ability to view remaining juice levels without removing the pod
  • Lightweight and pocket friendly


  • Unable to vape when the device is locked
  • ECO mode wasn’t very effective at increasing the number of puffs
  • Dual adjustable airflow mechanic isn’t as versatile as it could be
  • Not exactly fast type C USB charging
  • Internal battery, which means if the battery has reach its life-span the device is rendered useless, whereas with an external battery you can just replace the battery

Rating of 8.0

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