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Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

Best Vaping Subohm Tanks (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

What is the Best Vape Tank for 2024?

As a collective group of vapers the following best vape tank list is what we have found to be top performers. It has been narrowed down to offer something for both the beginner and advanced vaper.

Let’s get straight to it.

1. JAC Vapour S22 (Best For Both MTL And DTL)

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)


The JAC Vapour S22 tank is one of those worth having in your collection. A solid workhorse of a tank with excellent build quality.

The tank glass is protected with the steel cover so less chance of smashed glass leaving you stranded! Especially if you are someone who subjects their vaping gear to a hard life!

Originally the S22 had a bottom fill design but there is a top filling version now you will be pleased to hear.

Another great feature of this tank is there are many coil options to choose from – MTL, Turbo and even DTL variants should keep most vapers happy.

At the base of the tank is the adjustable airflow control ring which during our review combined with the applicable coils managed to achieve both MTL and DTL airflow!


  • Solid well-built rugged tank
  • DTL and MTL coil options to choose from
  • Top filling version available
  • Airflow is adjustable and works well with DTL and MTL coils

2. Geekvape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank (Best Sub Ohm Tank)

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

Following on from the successful RTA range Geekvape moved the Zeus into stock coil territory.

Like the popular RTA version this has the top airflow design which should minimise the chance of any leakage from the airflow inlets. The airflow is of course fully adjustable and during our review the leak proof airflow system seemed to do its job!

Also on review the quality of the tank really impressed as did the flavour with either of the supplied coils. You get a Kanthal mesh 0.4ohm and 0.2ohm coil included.

Talking of coils these are a simple push in and pull out design. There were zero issues with wicking or dry hits.


  • Top adjustable airflow inlets – leak proof
  • Excellent flavour and performance
  • Easy to change coils
  • 5ml capacity bubble glass option

3. Freemax Mesh Pro (Best Vape Tank For Flavour)

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

Well what is there to say about the incredible Mesh Pro? I reviewed this and it got almost full marks from me! It is still by far my favourite Sub Tank ever!

There is a huge range of mesh coil heads including the standard single coil, double, triple, quad and even Sextuple coils!

The coil life is amazing and this keeps kicking out the flavour for weeks with a good quality e-liquid.

With the bubble glass installed you can take the e-liquid capacity up to a huge 6ml and a slide top filling cap allows for easy refilling.

This is a large diameter tank at around 26mm for the resin versions (the carbon versions were slightly smaller) so you might need to make sure you have a mod that can accommodate this without overhang.


  • Flavour is comparable to RTA’s
  • Huge range of coil options
  • Coil life is fantastic
  • Great e-liquid capacity

4. Smok TFV16 (Best Vape Tank For Clouds)

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

The TFV16 is a huge monster of a tank – boasting a maximum 9ml e-liquid capacity and is 28mm in diameter.

Obviously the size might have to influence the mod you can use this on without overhang!

A new range of coils were created for this including single, dual and triple mesh coil versions. The single and Dual can be used at power levels up to 120W!

To accommodate larger airflow inlets the height of the base was increased and there are two large slotted inlets which can be opened or closed with the adjustment ring to your preference. The big airflow seemed to really kick up the flavour and vapour production in our review.

The top fill cap has a button to lock and has be redesigned so that the gasket is now below the swing cap to make access to the fill port easier and prevent leaks from the top.


  • Huge juice capacity – maximum 9ml
  • Large adjustable airflow inlets for increased cloud production
  • 3 mesh coil heads available
  • High wattage and high flavour stock coil tank

5. Horizon Falcon (Best Mesh Vape Tank)

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

The Horizon Falcon tank was released in the early days of stock coil mesh tanks and also had some experimental wicking options!

This was quite a breakthrough including flax fibre, wood pulp and cotton wicking. In particular the single Mesh (M1) coil combined with the Wood Pulp and Cotton was a little flavour monster. There are also regular wire style coil heads.

I reviewed this tank and found it to be an excellent performer with the mesh coils but since then Horizon have released some more coil options including dual and triple mesh.

Like the Freemax tank this is a chubby fella with a 25mm base diameter so you will need a mod which is able to accept this without overhang.

The tank is filled via the top and the cap is a screw fit so no accidentally sliding open. The triple slotted airflow inlets are adjustable using the bottom airflow control ring.


  • Amazing flavour from a stock coil tank
  • 5ml maximum capacity with bubble glass
  • Great range of coils including multiple mesh options
  • Screw top fill cap

6. Innokin Zlide (Best Selling MTL Vape Tank)

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

The Innokin Zlide tank is an updated version of the popular Zenith tank designed for MTL vapers.

The Zlide uses the same Z range of coils including the new Z-Plex3D mesh. As you would expect the airflow is adjustable via the airflow control ring at the base.

To refill there is a sliding top fill cap but this also has a locking feature to prevent children accessing the e-liquid and also useful to prevent accidental opening.

Another feature added for the Zlide was the flat top cap – removing the drip tip platform which was seen on the Zenith – making custom drip tips look neater.

To make the Zlide more cost effective the e-liquid control valve found on the Zenith has been removed and the tank glass can be replaced if damaged.


  • Compatible with all the Z range of coils
  • New Z-Plex3D mesh coil introduced
  • Ability to replace the tank glass
  • Locking top fill cap

7. Aspire Nautilus 2S (Best Vape Tank For Beginners)

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

The Aspire Nautilus tanks have become legendary as a high benchmark in stock coil MTL vaping!

So to update the range the 2S was released this time with the ability to accommodate DTL vapers too whilst still being one of the best performing MTL tanks.

The airflow has a similar style to the Tigon – for MTL vaping the airflow can be turned to the round inlet holes and for DTL vaping there is a slot airflow option.

You will be pleased to hear the BVC coils are still compatible with the 2S and a new DTL coil at 0.4ohm resistance has been included. You also have an option of a new 0.7ohm mesh coil available separately. On the TPD version the coil also has a childproof lock.

The curvy design element is still apparent and there is a slide top fill cap which has a childproof lock too.


  • DTL and MTL airflow options
  • New DTL 0.4ohm BVC coil
  • Compatible with existing BVC coils
  • Locking slide top fill cap

8. Aspire Tigon Tank (Best Mouth To Lung Tank)

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

The Aspire Tigon tank can be used in MTL and DTL configurations.

On review it really shone when used with the 1.2ohm MTL coil and mouth to lung (MTL) drip tip installed. In fact this coil even coped with thicker e-liquid mixtures of 70%VG so it is pretty versatile!

There are also 0.7ohm mesh and 0.4ohm Kanthal coils to choose from.

The coils have been designed to be really easy to remove and install having a push in and pull out fitment. In addition to easy installation a seal prevents the e-liquid still in the tank leaking out when you remove the coil.

The flavour was found to be excellent and the tank has a dual adjustable airflow set up – holes for restricted MTL and slots for DTL vapers.

To refill the tank has a child safe mechanism which involves first lifting the top cap up and then sliding across. Obviously this increases safety plus less likely to accidentally slide open.


  • Capable of wicking up to 70% VG e-liquid
  • Easy coil installation with sealing mechanism for when coil is removed
  • Child proof slide top fill
  • MTL (holes) and DTL (slots) adjustable airflow inlets

What is A Vape Tank?

The build and parts of a vape tank can differ from tanks to tank but the general idea is the same.

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

The tank above is made up of 5 main components.

  • Mouthpiece (You may also see this referred to as a drip tip)
  • Top cap/Atomizer tube (Chimney) – These are one machined piece. Although with many sub ohm tanks today the coil acts as the atomizer tube (chimney) and the top cap is a single piece.
  • Glass tube.
  • Coil/atomizer head
  • Tank/atomizer base.

For new vapers it may look like a lot of moving parts but it really is quite simple. The only time you will see your tank in bits will be when cleaning.

The tank will not work without the coil head. The coil head contains a wire coil that is wrapped in cotton (wicking material).  When you fill a tank the cotton soaks up the e-liquid.

When you press the fire button on a mod it heats up the wire coil which in turn vaporizes the e-liquid on the cotton. This is what produces the vapour you inhale.

Vape Tank Buying Guide

Before buying any kind of vape tank you first need to decide what kind of vaper you are.

This is very important. There are two main types of vaping style.

  • Mouth to Lung (MTL)
  • Direct to Lung (DTL) – These are predominantly sub ohm tanks.

So which way do you vape? We have a full MTL and DTL vape guide here.

Let’s give a very brief overview.

Are You a MTL or DTL Vaper?

MTL Tanks:

Mouth to lung vaping is where most new vapers start with their first e cig kits. This is due to it being the way most people smoke cigarettes. Inhale into the mouth and then to the lungs.

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

Vape tanks for mouth to lung operate with higher resistance coils (1.0Ohm+) at lower wattage. Generally no more than 18/20W. They also come with a narrow mouthpiece to restrict the draw you take.

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

MTL Tanks, as a general rule of thumb, work better with Nic Salt e-liquids and PG/VG e-liquids that have a max ratio of 60VG/40PG. 50/50 is generally recommended.

DTL Tanks:

Direct to Lung vaping is usually a ‘next step’ in a vapers journey. This vaping style requires you to draw the vapour directly into the lungs. No holding the vapour in the mouth first.

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

For new vapers this can really take a bit of getting used to.

Vape tanks for DTL have lower resistance coils (0.5Ohm and below) and tend to operate at higher wattages, generally anywhere above 30W dependent on the coil.

These tanks have a wider bore mouthpiece that allows that vapour to flow freely.

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

DTL (sub ohm tanks), as a general rule of thumb, work better with e-liquids with a PG/VG ratio over 60VG/40PG. 70VG / 30PG is one of the most popular ratios for sub ohm vaping.

That’s simple right? Good stuff.

As you can see it’s not just a case of buying a vape tank. You need to take a few factors into consideration.

Can I Use Any Vape Mod For Any Vape Tank?

Good question. In short, no you can’t.

The first thing you need to take into account when choosing a vape mod to go with a tank or vice versa is if the mod will work with the tank you have.

How Do We Know if the Tank Will Work With My Vape Mod?

Check the coil resistance (Ohms) and recommended wattage of the coil that comes with your vape tank. The coil resistance is generally displayed on the coil itself.

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

If not it will be on the packaging. As an example you may see the coil display the following:

  • 1.8Ohm
  • 1.2Ohm
  • 0.8Ohm
  • 0.5Ohm
  • 0.3Ohm
  • 0.15Ohm

Once you know the resistance/ohms of your coil you then need to check for two things on your vape mod.

  • The minimum resistance the box mod will work at.
  • The maximum wattage the mod will operate.

You will find this information on the spec sheet of the mod you have or are going to buy.

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

Try to Keep Well Within The Mods Max Wattage

So if you have a coil where the recommended wattage is 70-80W (and you actually vape within this range) and your vape mod only outputs a max of 80W the battery life will likely suffer. Reason being you are operating the mod at its maximum that will drain the battery quicker.

We recommend leaving plenty of wattage wiggle room and not firing at the mods maximum as your go-to vape. Yeah sure it’s OK to do on occasion but with the example above we would recommend using a mod that has a minimum of 100/120W output.

Looks Matter?

I’m not talking about how pretty your mod and tank combo is, although it’s always nice to have a great looking setup.

What we are talking about here is the diameter of the tank and mod.

Diameter of the Tank

Look out for the diameter of the vape tank and what diameter tanks the mod will fit.

Now you might not mind your tank overhanging your mod slightly, but if you do here’s what to look out for.

The diameter of a tank will be on the mod specs.

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

To see if the tank will fit onto a vape mod, again, check out the specs. You will be looking for the smallest measurement on the dimensions.

Best Subohm Tanks 2024 for Vaping (Mesh and Coil Based Subohm Tanks)

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