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Terms & Conditions

General & Safety Information

1.) Most of our products may not be used by minors. You need to agree during checkout that you are at least 18 years or older to enable any purchases from our website.
2.) You may be allergic to E-liquid ingredients. Our E-liquids are food grade VG/PG but are not to be used by people allergic to Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin (PG/VG)
3.) E-liquids may NOT be used by Pregnant or Breastfeeding Woman.
4.) Please ensure you store your E-liquid in a safe place away from children, minors and pets or anyone who is not allowed to use it.
5.) E-liquids may be harmful if swallowed and contains nicotine (not on 0% nicotine products), please seek immediate medical attention if swallowed or if any side effects experienced.
6.) If purchasing a battery or battery operated product please ensure that batteries is stored in a safe place away from children, minors and pets or anyone who is not allowed to use it.
7.) Ensure you use intelligent chargers with battery products to not overcharge since overcharging may cause batteries to explode.
8.) Electronic cigarettes are intended to be used by existing smokers as an alternative to tobacco smoking, it is not a smoking cessation device.
9.) Nicotine is an addictive substance.
10.) While our products are safe if operated and used under normal conditions, by agreeing to these conditions you will not hold and it’s related members accountable for any injuries or side effects from use of any of our products.

Product Warranties

  • Mods / Vaping Devices, Chargers, Cables and Batteries have a 1 month defect / replacement warranty if used under normal conditions except for the conditions below.
  • Coils, Atomizers, Products containing Glass, Cut-To-Length Products or any other product not specifically mentioned due to their disposable nature only have a ‘dead on arrival’ warranty. It can only be returned if unopened and unused and in new condition. Burned coils when incorrectly handled or coil fired without liquid and burned will not be exchanged.
  • This warranty does not cover personal items or consumable goods and attachments. Atomizers, Tanks, Drip Tips, Pod and E-Liquids are not covered under warranty. This warranty is invalid as result of any of the following conditions:
    • Merchandise failure or damage is caused due to unauthorized repair or modifications.
    • Merchandise failure or damage is caused due to misuse or improper care from consumers.
    • Merchandise inspected to be a counterfeited or not sold by us.
  • E-Liquids or any DIY e-liquid products cannot be returned under any condition since they are perishables – Because taste is subjective (some people dislike flavors that others love) we suggest that you only order a small amount of any particular flavor initially or check reviews on a specific flavor before ordering. This return condition is also to adhere to Health & Safety concerns since we cannot resell a e-liquid to another customer since we do not know if it has been tampered with and resealed with another cap.
  • Any product received which are thought to be defective should be reported within 7 days after product received.

Replacements / Refunds will not be issued if damaged due to any of the conditions below

  • Electrical damage – e.g. Unstable power to equipment from a charger or bad USB cable
  • Physical Damage – e.g. dropping equipment, scratching, water damage, opening equipment, pins bended on cables due to incorrect usage or force plugging cables etc.
  • Modification of equipment or tampering with any items will void the warranty.
  • Damage due to overheating will not be covered.

Refunds on postage  / courier fees and products returned within 14 days after purchase

  • VapeOWave will only be liable for postage /  courier fees if the incorrect products have been supplied to a customer.  Postage / courier fees will also be paid by VapeOWave to post / courier the incorrect products back to us for replacement with the correct products.
  • In any other situation (e.g. product defective under the warranty and needs to be returned, compatibility problems and swop-out needed etc) the customer will have to pay courier fees  for returned products and resend of new products.
  • If a customer incorrectly purchased a product  and it needs to be refunded a 15% handling, bank charge and restocking fee will be charged on the refund amount. The product needs to be unopened and unused to be eligible for this refund and exclusions are listed above in Product Warranties. This needs to be communicated within 7 days to a VapeOWave representative.
  • The warranty is not transferable e.g. the original buyer needs to return an item with invoice if testing needs to be done  otherwise the warranty will be void. If you are purchasing items for resell  please ensure that your customer returns the items to you and that you handle the warranty item returns since the invoice will be in the name of the reseller.

Refunds / Exchanges on products returned after 14 days

  • No credit / cash refunds will be done in any situation after 14 days and products will be replaced / repaired based on the warranty conditions if the product is defective in any way and still under warranty.
  • Warranty date if applicable starts 3 days after purchase date to ensure enough time is provided for courier delays during delivery. If item was not sent by courier, warranty date starts with date of purchase.
  • A local assessment will be done for a non-functioning product returned under warranty. It will be replaced for a new one if in agreement with the Terms & Conditions of warranty. If a dispute arises from the assessment  done, the product will be send back to the manufacturer overseas for a damage  report. This may take 8 or more weeks. In the case where the manufacturer does not replace the product under warranty due to any of the warranty conditions,  shipping fees will be payable by the customer. If there is a service charge payable for replacement, the customer will be liable to pay the service and replacement fee.


Please follow the easy instructions when items added to your cart. Cart QTY’s can be updated / removed during checkout.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Stocks of all goods on offer are limited. We shall take all reasonable efforts to discontinue the offer as soon as stock is no longer available. However, should items still be offered after stocks are sold,  We shall only be liable to refund monies where it is unable to fulfill  orders at advertised prices.

Viewing Orders

Previous Orders History can be viewed under your account information. We are obliged by law to keep all invoices on our system for a period of 5 years.

Updating Account Information

Your online account can be updated and is secured for shipping addresses, personal or company related information. Alternatively email us at with your details and we will update your account.

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