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One Cloud | Longfills | Aroma 30ml in 120ml

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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One Cloud | Longfills | Aroma 30ml in 120ml

One Cloud | Longfills | Aroma 30ml in 120ml

Ulti Mango

A sweet delicious mango juice

Cream Soda Float

A glass of cream soda with a dollop of rich creamy vanilla ice cream

Black Lychee

A perfect combination of juicy blackcurrants and sweet lychee

Coffee Latte

Creamy cafe latte flavoured e-liquid

Kiwi Apple Ice ❄ 

Delicious kiwi and apple with an iced undertone

Lolli Snappers

A delicious remembrance of your childhood. The good “ol” fruity ice lollies

Red Pineapple

A delicious blend of red raspberries infused with pineapple

Cherry Blast

Delicious cherry which will blast your tastebuds

Grape Shot

A Power shot of grape like no other

Diddly’s Strawberry Condensed Milk

A delicious strawberry Condensed milk vape juice- brings back memories of the Dirkie Condensed Milk.

Mr Mint

A classy spearmint experience- a sweet and lingering cool effect on the tongue.

Cinnamon Pancake

Sweet and delicious cinnamon coated pancakes.

This is a great anytime of the day treat!

Granny’s Chocolate Covered Nougat 

Creamy and chewy nougat filled with nuts covered in a thin coat of chocolate


A beautifully whipped, sweet, lip smacking, melt-in-your-mouth cupcake flavour

DIY Aroma Guide

DIY Nic Shot Guide


Ulti Mango, Soda Float, Cinnamon Pancake, Kiwi Apple Ice, Red Pineapple, Black Lychee, Coffee Latte, Mr Mint, Cupcake, Granny's Chocolate Covered Nougat, Grape Shot, Cherry Blast, Lolli Snappers, Diddly's Strawberry Condensed Milk


One Cloud Industries Eliquids

One Cloud | Longfills | Aroma 30ml in 120ml


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