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Revamp | Eliquids | Longfills | Aroma | 30ml in 120ml


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Revamp | Eliquids | Longfills | Aroma | 30ml in 120ml

Be My Berry
The Berries are Pumping (UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ) & The Other fruits are lekker exotic. You’ll think you chilling in the Bahamas or something. Get some and gooi it bru.

Cran U Dig It
Some farm fresh Apples blended with tangy Cranberry and splashed with some Ice

Hey Boetie! Perfection is a lekker Blend of Pear & other tropical fruits.
We smashed some ice & bottled it! You don’t need to grow a pear to try this, NOW you’re cool!

Bunny Milk
Jirrrr Bru!
I sommer gooi’d some milk and a magic strawberry powder in this thing and it tasted like this!
Just try it. Its a real haasie Milk!

Big Rant
My Oke!
Lekker blackcurrant that’s pumping with flavour.
Just take a drag and you’ll see dude!

Sir Mango
Hey Boet!
He he he, check out ma mangos!
Lekker icey with a sweet and tangy kick hey.
I reckon we revamped this flavour.

Straw Struck
Hey Boetie!
We gooi’d again man!
Lekker strawberry and smooth coconut. Blitzed with watermelon juice and ice.

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Cran u Dig It, Straw Struck, Be My Berry, Thru The Grape Pine


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