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Pure+ Concentrates | 10ml 7-10%


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Pure+ Concentrates | 10ml 7-10%

Pure+ Concentrates | 10ml 7-10%


Sweet & tart Red Maraschino Cherry that can be used in either candy or ripe mixes with confidence.


Crisp, cool & refreshing Cucumber that works brilliantly in Mojito’s and cocktails. A great undertone addition to fruit mixes as well.

Dragon Fruit:

A tropical ripe, sweet and sour Dragonfruit. Authentic tasting perfect with fruits and exotic flavors.


Authentic Grapefruit that’s both sweet and tart with a tinge of bitterness. Absolutely spot on, try it with PURE+ Orange and PURE+ Bergamot.


PURE+ Kiwi is sharp, tart and sweet, a strong fleshy kiwi that will hold its own in any mix. Brilliant for adding to your fruit creations.


Honeydew Melon has a strong sweet and pungent aroma with a SLIGHT musk undertone. True to the real thing and absolutely delicious.


PURE+ Passionfruit has the tartness of lime juice, the sweetness of honey, the fragrance of jasmine. Authentic to the real thing with juicy ripe notes and tartness.

Watermelon V2:

PURE+ Watermelon V2 retains the sweetness profiles of V1 but adds a fresher note to the profile. Great for use in fruits, drinks and candies alike or try them BOTH.

Sweet Guava:

Deliciously sweet, juicy, and refreshing Guava

Guava Roll:

Guava Roll bring you a unique, flavorful fruity aroma with slight luscious floral notes that is universally pleasant

Natural Mango:

Sweet mango, delicate but very lively, without bitterness, juicy


A sweet creamy buttery flavour with a hint of savoury that is an excellent companion to any dessert mixes. Try this with any custard, cookie, cream, apple pies or any dessert profile etc to really enhance your dessert creation.


A milk chocolate flavour thats perfect for any drink or dessert mix. This is an excellent authentic milk chocolate, a good one is hard to find. Congratulations, you found it!

Cookies V2:

PURE+ Cookie V2 is a sweeter baked butter cookie with stronger sweet bakery note than V1. Excellent cookie flavour which can be used on its own or to enhance other pastry dessert mixes.

Strawberry Soft Candy:

A soft milky strawberry that is perfect for taffy candy profiles as well as strawberry milk

Vanilla Pudding:

Vanilla pudding differs to vanilla custard – this is sweet, creamy and vanillary! Great on its own, use it in a brulee or is otherwise the perfect companion to your custard flavours to complete that authentic note!

Cookie Dough:

You’ll only find this one here! Unbaked cookie dough that’s ready to eat! Sweet and doughy, excellent on its own or with ice-creams, bakeries and desserts.

Mild Shisha:

PURE+ Mild Shisha has a mild tobacco shisha profile with an earthy guava undertone. Absolutely delish and unique even for non-tobacco lovers. Will pair very well with our other tobaccos to add unique nuance notes to the blend.

Tobacco Choc:

A medium roast tobacco engulfed with dark milk chocolate and nuts.

Woody Tobacco:

Woody Cigar undertones with a strong roasted cigar ash finish. Great on its own or blended with our other Tobaccos or cherry, nuts, custards and the likes. A taste of Cuba in a bottle.


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Cherry, Cucumber, Dragon Fruit, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Melon, Passionfruit, Watermelon V2, Sweet Guava, Guava Roll, Natural Mango, Butter, Chocolate, Cookies V2, Strawberry Soft Candy, Vanilla Pudding, Cookie Dough, Mild Shisha, Tobacco Choc, Woody Tobacco


Pure+ Concentrate Liquids

Flawless PURE+ specializes in e-liquid raw materials, chemical compounds, and custom made solutions. Our core business is to provide top quality materials for e-liquids producers worldwide. We are manufacturing pure flavours and additives. If you produce e-liquids we aspire to be your core raw materials.
Pure+ Concentrates | 10ml 7-10%


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