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Guide / Instructions to Rebuild RBA Coils to Avoid Burning Taste

NOTE!! Always be carful when rebuilding coils since the resistance heating wire operates at very high Temperatures. Follow this guide on your own risk and be sure to be safe!

RBA (Rebuildable) Coils used by some Atomizers / Tanks such as Kanger Subtank Mini / Kanger Subtank Plus V2 can be rebuilt for a fraction of the price using Kanthal A1 Wire as at Kanthal 26AWG Resistance Wire and Kanthal 28AWG Resistance Wire and organic cotton which can be purchased from most pharmacies or supermarkets. If you need organic cotton during an order please mention this in comments and we will provide some samples for free! If the coil is not rebuilt correctly you will experience dry hits (a burning taste on higher VG juices and open valve settings).

What you will Need

  • Kanthal Wire – 28 / 26 AWG Can be used depending on resistance preference
  • Something to clip the wire
  • Something to wrap the coil on. I strongly recommend starting out with a 1/16 drill bit or a small scredriver with a more or less 3mm diameter
  • Wick material – Organic Cotton Recommended
  • A basic pliers
  • A rebuildable atomizer – A rebuildable dripping atomizer e.g KangerTech Subtank Mini / Plus or Aspire Tanks with RBA Coils


  1. Cut around 3-4cm Kanthal A1 Wire (26AWG or 28AWG can be used depending on Resistance preference)
  2. Using a screwdriver or any cylindrical object with a more or less 3mm diameter (1/8 Drillbit recommended, 3.175 mm) to wrap the wire around the drillbit and leave gaps of a fraction of a mm from each other between the wraps to allow juice to make contact easily and flow through kanthal wire wraps. 5 Windings on 26AWG will yield around 0.5Ohms, more windings will increase resistance.
  3. Unscrew the RBA Coil screws and fasten the Kanthal wire sides to the Coil with the screws, cut-off any exxess wire sticking out from the sides of the coils. 
  4. Cut 6mm width of Organic cotton and around 12cm in length, this you need to experience with depending on type of organic cotton you are using. Roll one end and insert it into coil
  5. Slide it back and forth through the coil to condition centre of coil cotton to ensure it can function like a sponge and liquid can easy flow through it / easily be wicked.
  6. Coil sides should be cut to 3mm of wick on each side when using 80/90 VG Juices, 4mm when using 70VG juices and 5mm on each side when using 60VG Juices. Ensure after cutting to length the sides are rounded.
  7. Take any type of E-Liquid and juice the sides of the wick and fluff it backwards while juicing to form a flat / pancake like figure on the sides.
  8. When sliding the RBA Coil barrel over wick to screw it on ensure the barrel inside DOES NOT touch the wick.
  9. Take some kanthal wire to push wick to remove it a bit further from the sides to allow juice to flow inside coil through juice channels.
  10. Ensure the Valve of your Atomizer / Tank is set to one hole. This will be harder to take a drag but will ensure the wick / cotton is properly wicked during first use.
  11. Take a few Dry drags and burn without taking a drag from your device to ensure wick is properly covered with eliquid (just be careful since the coil gets extremely hot and liquid kan burn you)
  12. Please ensure the holes on the RBA coil is not blocked by any cotton to prevent eliquid flow into the coil.
  13. Let it stand for 1 hour soaked with Eliquid if Possible.
  14. Use Lowest watt setting depending on vg pg mixture, 7.0W is recommended even for 0.5Ohm Coils while the coil is not properly soaked through, this method has been tested up to 50 Watts.
  15. Try Vaping on larger Valve settings if needed only after a few hours.
  16. If any Dry Hits are still experience please check organic cotton to ensure it is spoungy and not too much cotton has been used. A thinner liquid (more PG) will wick easier as well.

Please see the video guide below to rebuild your RBA coil the correct way

See the video below for wicking your coil the correct way